Ron Lindeman The things you long for in life

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Words and Music by Ron Lindeman


The things you long for in life


The things that you long for in life

Don’t always come true

The plans you make as a child

Disappear as years fade like the morning dew

As each new day always brings something new


I had some lovers in my life

Of which I thought they would last

But they never did as I was left alone

As the years went by so fast

And left me with only sad memories of the past


When the sun sets and

Colours the sky red

It  fills my soul with melancholy

I wait here silently


Till I hear your steps

Coming up my door

I  hear your voice in the hall

You are as real as are

your pictures hanging on the wall


And I know I am not alone

Between these walls surrounding me

It just seems so unreal

Fills my soul with joy and melancholy


Like a wonderful piece of music

From so many years ago

That’s ever so coming back to me

Like an everlasting melody

That never seems to fade away

Never loses its loving intensity


You are my past, my present, my future

You are all the things I long for in life

You are my one burning desire

You are my peace of mind

You are the quiet place in my soul

Where I rest my troubled mind

And feel you are my home

I thought I could never find


The things that I longed for in life

They don’t seem to matter anymore

Like road signs faded and unclear

I past on the way that led me here


The things that I longed for in life

They seemed to have led me to you

It proves that of all things I longed for in life

The most important one came true


That’s you, it is you, it is you , it is you

It’s so true, it is you, it’s so true, it is you


Words and music by Ron Lindeman

Copyright Ron Lindeman