About Me


Singer songwriter / artist painter
Ron Lindeman is a Singer songwriter who writes and performs his own songs.

He likes songs with a distinctive melody and poetic lyrics of just simply straightforward down-to-earth lyrics about love and life. Ron also writes songs on request about any subject you like. He can also write you a very personal song.


House Concerts

I also do House concerts….in your living room or in the garden …melodic acoustic original songs and covers….
You can book me for a House concert if you wish….



As an artist painter he paints portraits or free paintings in oil paint or acrylic on canvas. He also
makes murals and paints instruments such as guitars.
He works on commission. You can contact him if you’re interested in a painting.



As a ghostwriter he writes books for other people. Mostly autobiograhical books.
You can contact him if you’re interested in having your life story written down in a book.

[email protected]