Ron Lindeman Song for Milly live at the Four Of A Kind Blend event July 25th, 2021

Thought I’d share a video of one of the songs I played last Sunday July 25th, 2021 at the Four Of A Kind Blend event, which was held in a huge tent at the Nature Experience Center De Oostvaarders at the nature reserve the Oostvaardersplassen which is located in between the cities Almere and Lelystad. I was accompanied by pianist Mark Kirkenier. We weren’t allowed to bring a PA system, so we played with one loudspeaker for the keyboard and an acoustic combo for the acoustic guitar. We had to keep the sound volume low because the animals were not allowed to be disturbed. The song is called Song for Milly.

Sunday July 25th, 2021 I joined Four Of A Kind in a live performance at the Nature Experience Center De Oostvaarders at the nature reserve De Oostvaardersplassen which is located between the cities of Almere and Lelystad. The show was called Blend and it consisted of live performances of myself as a Singer-songwriter performing my own original songs, pianist Mark Kirkenier who played his own original compositions and the movement performers Jos Rosier and Sara Pereira. It was a nice intimate performance in the beautiful setting of the nature reserve.


Song for Milly


Here we are

Heads bowed down

So in grief


Here we are

Heads up high

Eyes aimed at the sky


Stars that shine

Are beacons in time

That is what you do

You lead us the way

Lighten up the night

And guide us to the morning light


I close my eyes

And see you now

Smiling so tenderly

It feels amazingly



Hello star

You are in my soul

Here in my heart

Oh remain there tenderly

Never leave my memory


That is what you are

A star so graciously

Shining bright on me


We gather here

To embrace you lovingly

And let you know

That you will always be


A shining star

That is what you are

Bright little star

That is what you are

Shine down on me lovingly


We will remember you

We will remember you

We will remember you


Words and music by Ron Lindeman

Copyright Ron Lindeman


This song was originally written for the parents and family of 12 year old girl Milly Boele who was murdered by a neighbor in 2010 in the city of Dordrecht in The Netherlands. The neighbor was a policeman. I was asked to write a song and perform this for the parents, family and others on June 12th, 2010 at their home in the city of Dordrecht. So I did. This song  is also dedicated to all people who lost someone dear to them.