Ron Lindeman Peace Bird live at Omroep ( Broadcast) Flevoland

Today July 27th 2021, early in the morning, I got a call from Broadcast Flevoland, which is a provincial broadcasting company over here, and they asked if I could come and sing a song. They have a monthly item called the Open Stage and the person who was supposed to come cancelled because of illness. So I took my guitar and went to the studio. There was a short interview and after that I just played a song live on television.


Peace bird

( inspired by the artwork by Dr. Gonçalo Armando Mabunda / Tropenmuseum Amsterdam / 2003 )


Bird, Bird

Bird of Paradise

Bird so high up in the sky

Sailing the sky

Looking down on me


I walked this land

Always so proudly

When I was a child

And lifted my mind so easy

So high up in the skies

Where peaceful birds fly


When I was a man I watched so many

Innocent people die

I thought my mind would leave my body

Searching everywhere for the why


On the wide and windy plains

On the rocky slopes of mountains high

Where truth means life

And a lie could make you die

I could not find any answers

On the quest for the why


Once I washed my hands with water

From the clearest creek

Once I sat quietly alongside

The green river bank

Till the bodies floated by

And blood colored the water red

All I wanted was peace in my heart

Tranquility in my soul


All I wanted was the beauty of life

All I wanted was a free mind

Freed from the horrors in life

As free as birds can fly


Bird, bird

Bird of War

Bird of Prey

Spread your wings and change your flight

Bird, Bird

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Peace


Peace arose after the hatred

Like a Phoenix from the ashes

Rising above the smoke

Of all these burned down houses

And all the rotted corpses


When the cannon thunder silenced

And the gun barrels were molten

And the rifles sawn to pieces

And the bullets lay forgotten


Then the artist’s hands recreated

Violence and hatred

Into a symbol of peace

This Bird of Peace


Peace in my heart

Peace in my mind

Peace in my soul

Such a dark bad world

Turn it into a haven of light

Let peace take its flight

Through the darkness of the night

And when the world awakens

In the early morning sun

The evil spell is broken

The Bird of Peace

Has won


Bird, Bird

Peace Bird

Fly across this land

Like a Bird of Paradise

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

This Bird of Peace

This Bird of Peace

Peace Bird

Peace Bird

Peace Bird


Lyrics and music by Ron Lindeman

October 2016