Songs for Freedom Performance in PopStage De Meester Almere April 24th, 2021

Saturday April 24th, 2021. I’ve had a nice afternoon….performing in the PopStage De Meester in Almere City Center. This venue is actually still officially closed due to COVID-19 lockdown, but the performance was recorded on video and scheduled to be published on the social media and website of the venue. Not only me but a couple of other acts were also recorded on video. The program was called Songs for Freedom and all acts were to play an original song about the subject Freedom. Upcoming May 4th is the socalled Commemmoration Day and May 5th is called Liberation Day ( The Netherlands was liberated on May 5th 1945 ). I also sang an original song about Freedom. When you’re on stage after such a long period of lockdown, it kind of tastes for more…..