Ron Lindeman Emotionally


Ron Lindeman Emotionally

From the CD Album Ron Lindeman The Story Songs

Words and Music by Ron Lindeman

Music Arrangements by Ferry Dinkelaar

Produced by Purple Melody productions



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Did you ever wonder

Why every sense of happiness

Could just be taken away

Your legs swept away from underneath of you


It’s a long way to happiness

Just a stone throw from regrets and loneliness

The time I spent with you how can I forget


Oh such loving eyes

Oh such graceful ways

Oh such longing lips

Oh such open arms


The pounding of your heart

How can I forget?


Every morning starts with a memory

Now I set my life to take more chances

And take away the pain

And hope one day

You’ll be here again


I made up my mind

To live for you again

Time will heal the wounds

And soften this hardened heart


Let our paths meet again

Let our hearts beat again

Together as one again


Your eyes I meet

Your face softens as the touch of my fingers

Caresses your heart again


Here I am

Here with you again

Watch me and touch me

Hold me in your arms

Oh so lovingly

So intense and tenderly


Through  the window

The sunlight playing on the leaves

Seems to lighten up the green

The wind playing a gentle breeze

Making it all seem

To move so rhythmically

Oh so gently

Oh so gently


From the corner in this lonely room

I sit and watch

And I think of you

Emotionally, emotionally, emotionally, emotionally, emotionally!


Words & music by Ron Lindeman

Copyright Ron Lindeman