Ron Lindeman: Motherless Child ( Song for LaReina)

Ron Lindeman Motherless child. The video footage in this video is from a Dutch documentary about a woman who killed the rapist of her daughter and was sentenced to twelve years of imprisonment for doing so. The documentary was made by Posh Productions and broadcasted in May 2011 by Net5 television.

Words and music by Ron Lindeman.

Orchestral arrangements by Ferry Dinkelaar.


A motherless child ( LaReina’s song)


See you still remember

How it used to be

When you was a child

And yes she gave birth to you

But by giving birth to you

She brought you pain and sorrow

And not happy childhood memories


You are the queen you wish to be

But ghosts from childhood still keep bugging you

You were betrayed by your mother

You were sold by your mother

She gave away your happy childhood dreams

She never was

She never will be,

Never has been

A mother


You are a motherless child

You are a motherless child

Motherless child, motherless child


As years pass by

As tears go by

All life did was keep you alive

It seemed to lead  you to your hopeless deed

Killing ain’t a hopeful feat

Walls of thick concrete

Let you sink away in tragedy


You  learned the hard way

To make the best of life

When walls keep closing in

When walls keep closing in

In on you


Here you stand tall

A woman so much wiser than ever before


You have conquered hatred

Growing inside of you

Learned to let it go

Release the anger

Banish the pain


When life embraced you again

Giving love still goes painfully

Hurting you

Still hurting you

Sometimes it still hurts you so


You  are a motherless child

You are a motherless child

You  are a motherless child

But nothing can change

Nothing can change

Your childhood memories

Childhood memories

Childhood memories


Words and music by Ron Lindeman

Copyright Ron Lindeman


This song was originally written for “Lareina” Willeke M.  As a child she was abused by her mother and when she was herself a mother she murdered a man who raped her 11 year old daughter and was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. She was released in 1999 and is working as an artist now.  See: