Audio teaser Ron Lindeman The Story Songs

Audio teaser Ron Lindeman The Story Songs . This is a 12 minute audio teaser with short fragments of all the 11 songs from my CD Album Ron Lindeman The Story Songs. Now available!

Check my websites and . My new CD with all original songs (with orchestral arrangements)

Ron Lindeman The Story Songs is now available!


The CD contains 11 songs: 1. People in the street 2. Song for Milly 3. Weaving wings 4. A motherless child 5. The road to paradise 6. Warchild, soldier child 7. The things you long for in life 8. Angelina 9. Clouds roll by 10.The strings from my heart 11.Emotionally


General info:

All music and song lyrics by Ron Lindeman

All music arrangements by Ferry Dinkelaar

Recorded in 2014 at the Mediasaloon Recording Studio at Zeewolde, The Netherlands

Mixing by Ferry Dinkelaar

Mastered at Amsterdam Mastering at Diemen, The Netherlands

Mastering engineer Darius van Helfteren

Copyright Ron Lindeman 2014

Produced by Purple Melody Productions in 2014

The CD is for sale through the website of Purple Melody Productions and through the website of Ron Lindeman : and